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The new book of telecommunications

Meet Telecom 3.0, connectivity built on Web 3.0

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The problem

Around the world, more than 3.5 billion people are unconnected. 3 billion people do not have any form of identification. And 3 billion people do not have a bank account.

This lack of connectivity not only means that the unconnected are unable to speak to the other half of the world, it also dramatically contributes to poor healthcare, substandard education and general impoverishment.

At World Mobile, we believe that access to the internet is a human right. Without it, access to opportunity is not equal.

But traditional networks — with legacy systems and archaic business models — are doing nothing to tackle the problem.

Half the world is still unconnected. The world of telecommunications needs rebooting.

Our solution

Taking inspiration from pioneers throughout history, World Mobile’s core mission is to lead a global movement towards digital inclusion.

We’re doing this by deploying a dynamic hybrid mobile network (made up of aerial and ground assets) to connect the unconnected and bank the unbanked.

Rolling out around the world, the WM dynamic network will be able to connect those that traditional networks have left offline. With access to the Internet, subscribers will gain a self-sovereign identity and all of the opportunities that connectivity offers, from digital currencies to education and more.

Under the hood

  • Connectivity: Subscribers will have access to the Internet for the first time, in an affordable, fair and sustainable manner.

  • Self-governed, decentralised identity: Connectivity doesn’t have to come at the cost of privacy. World Mobile is a privacy-first network that comes with a self-governed identity baked in. This allows subscribers to own their data and gives them the identification they need to access services that they were previously excluded from, including banking, insurance, borrowing and saving.

  • Financial empowerment: Through connection and identity subscribers gain access to financial tools and services, opening up better opportunities to improve the quality of their life. Additionally, our network is built on a sharing economy that rewards the operators that run and maintain the Nodes in the network, enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to earn rewards from a multi-trillion-dollar industry.

  • Interconnection to the legacy world: Legacy infrastructure and archaic business models have left half the world offline. World Mobile Chain has been built to address the fundamental flaws of the incumbent operators but also recognises that interoperability with the old world is an important step towards mass inclusion.