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Telecom 3.0 Chapters

Since the inception of modern telecommunications, the industry has been defined by innovation, development and advancements all happening at a lightning pace.

However, recently, that has slowed.

The stifling of innovation by hardware and software providers in order to maintain their place at the top of the hierarchy (as well as factors such as power consumption, licensed spectrum and the centralisation of infrastructure) has led to a decline of growth in global coverage.

The result is that over 3.5 billion people have been left behind. And half the world can’t speak to the other half.

We are creating the next chapters in the history of telecommunication, building on the achievements of the visionaries and pioneers that have come before us.

That is why we have devised a new roadmap to reboot the telecoms industry, starting with the unconnected. It goes like this:

I. Stentor: Introduce subscriber identity and basic connectivity

II. Salvà: Federate the EarthNodes

III. Von Sömmerring: Decentralise the World Mobile sharing economy

IV. Morse: Optimise the World Mobile network

V. Victoria-Buchanan: Begin global expansion

VI. Graham-Bell: Decentralise the World Mobile marketplace

VII. Mensah: Expand through sub-Saharan Africa and other unconnected territories

Breaking the chapters down

The WM team is working concurrently on the services and infrastructure of several chapters. As such, this book is ever-evolving, and as we develop each chapter, more technical information will be provided for specific sections.

We have labelled each of the chapters with a ‘scene’ that communicates our progress towards each goal:

  • Scripting: the definition and goals of the chapter are broadly set, but the exact scope may vary depending on the evolution of the previous chapters, technology and partnerships.
  • Planning: the scope is set, and the different architectural decisions are being made. Blueprints for the development team are being created.
  • Scouting: initial development has begun, but some blueprints are still adapting with the exploration during this chapter.
  • Development: the chapter is in active development and all the architectural decisions made and set in stone.
  • Test Net: the system is being actively tested safely with controlled actors.
  • Bug fixing: discoveries from Test Net are being applied to fix and improve bugs, issues and optimisations that have been found.
  • Main Net: the system is live and working publicly, operated by independent actors.